Kaye Barr – Psychologist Perth Resonate – Realise – Resolve

APS_Member LogoKaye Barr is a registered psychotherapist and psychologist Perth offering a discreet, supportive counselling service  from two convenient metropolitan locations.  Kaye works mainly with adult or teenaged individuals and couples to provide a suppoprtive basis to suit the client and particular issue.

Kaye also offers phone counselling for clients in geographically isolated situations such as country towns, farms or mine sites, both in Australia and overseas.  Phone counselling can be a very effective psychological service, with many of the advantages of face to face interaction, as well as some that are unique to phone consulting.

Kaye is highly qualified and experienced in many types of personal and interpersonal difficulties and specialises in assisting people to reach their full potential through self-awareness.  When we find the meaning in an action or situation, it then ‘makes sense’ to us, and we can decide upon the ‘next step’.

There can be many reasons for confusion, distress or blockage.  Some may be from outer situations such as loss or difficulty with fertility, while some arise from patterns within us, that may have been set in place back in the childhood years, and then become ‘part of the inner furniture’.   Once ‘the cloud’ is lifted, however, we may seem to have more energy with which to move forward.

Kaye’s psychology Perth services can assist you with:

A qualified psychotherapist, and psychologist Perth, Kaye offers a non-judgmental interactive environment, in which both the meaning and the underlying cause of present actions or difficulties may gently emerge.  This makes it possible to focus with understanding upon the troubling issue, and regain personal direction and a sense of balance and well-being.

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